Digital Art Collectibles

New age art now is a revolutionary project led by artist Louis Dubois. At NAAN we believe that within a few years digital artworks such as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) will see the original art world a shift in which emerging artists and the new generation of artists make a transition to the digital art world. And that is why NAAN offers starting and advanced artists a platform on which they can launch their art to the general public through the NAAN collections. This means that an artist can only be concerned with what he is best at. Making art. We take care of every marketing and promotion task! Check the possibilities as NAAN artists.

We are convinced that digital art powered by blockchain will develop and expand itself at breakneck speed. Because we are in the early days of the digital shift, this offers a huge opportunity for artists. The collectable art collections of new age art now each have their own theme. The theme is chosen by the artist who is currently releasing his collection series.

New age art now therefore has a huge number of styles of digital creations and art, such as drawings, marker, paintings, Digital crearions, Cartoon art, Virtual objects, 3D visuals, 3D objects for Augmented Reality (AR) and many more digital collectibles. We are currently working with two blockchain networks to enable a number of functions for crosschain NFTs in the future.

EOS BLOCKCHAIN ​​- Atomic Hub Marketplace (WAXP, DUST)

- ETH BLOCKCHAIN ​​- OpenSea Marketplace (ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI)


In addition to purchasing a great piece of art whose ownership and certificate of authenticity is linked to the blockchain, the NFTs of N.A.A.N. multiple benefits and purposes! For example, the digital collectibles on opensea are unique and there is only 1 edition of each work available, which results in unique limited editions and rare works of art. The artworks that are offered via atomichub are complete series, each of which has its own unique lottery number, with which you automatically participate in the bi-weekly NAAN lottery. We also have special membership tokens, award nfts can be won, and we regularly drop NFTs into the wallet of the Glitchy NAAN badge holders. This will be further designed and put into operation in the coming months. See Roadmap