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Digital art Collectibles on the blockchain also called Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) will change the entire art industry, just like the way art is collected.

New Age Art Now (N.A.A.N.) is a revolutionair art project that releases DIGITAL ART COLLECTIBLES know as NFTs. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Our artwork and digital creations are registered (or minted) on the blockchain. Each piece of work has a unique mint # number. Because the power of blockchain it is very easy to verify that the token is authentic as well as who it belongs to, how many exist, and the maximum possible number of an NFT (mints) that can exist. 

artists are the reason why art exists, they often struggle endlessly to get their art to the right audience. Only when that happens can they make a living from their work. By joining the N.A.A.N. revolution it will be easier in the near future to reach the right audience and make sure they get a fair share without stress. As an artist you only want to be involved in creating art. We want to reduce the stress factors for artists, by taking away work and showing their creations to the right audience.

N.A.A.N. Digital Art Collectibles
At new age art now, we have different kind of NFT collectibles styles on two different blockchains. Each serie released by n.a.a.n. has a theme in which all artworks in that collection will be made of, for example: Motion-sound art, Paintings, 3D art, Cartoon Animation, Marker art and so on.. The full collectibles series from the NAAN artists are available only on atomic-hub market in form of Atomic assets(NFTs) on the EOS blockchain. The special collectibles series are limited edition collectibles (only 1 mint each artwork) available on all NFT marketplaces on the ETH network (for example: Opensea) in form of ERC-1155 tokens(NFTs) on the ETH blockchain. 

The n.a.a.n. complete art collectible series will only release on Atomic Hub market. 
Collectible series: CLICK HERE

The n.a.a.n. special collectibles will only release in 1:1 mints on the ETH marketplaces
Special Collectibles: CLICK HERE

FAIR AND TRANSPARENT We use the power of blockchain to ensure transparency. We accept WAXP during sales periods. Once multiple art artists join the New Age Art Now revolution, a portion of the proceeds can be sent straight to their WAX wallets. The transactions, purchases and earnings can always be looked up in the exploror of the blockchain. Learn more about N.A.A.N. Artists

My name is Louis Dubois, project manager from the ''New Age Art Now'' project. I am a young artist born and raised in France.

In 2019 I came across more and more messages about Bitcoin, Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies, I then surfed the internet to investigate what exactly this entails. After several weeks of research, I decided to invest my earned money in cryptocurrencies. When a friend of mine first talked about digital collectibles in 2020, I thought my buddy had gone nuts. Digital collectibles didn't make sense in my mind. You want to feel, touch, hold the art. But he was sure this was the future.

I've made all kinds of art in my life, and I thought, why not try it? Lately I have digitized my drawings and paintings from the past and I am busy making new digital art creations that will later appear on the nft market. As a young artist I have a mission: to create digital art that surprises collectors, makes them dream and think. Art that has value. That is why the decision was made to keep the maximum stock per artwork low in editions. I'm not here to get rich quick, it's about producing quality art and being creative, having fun, innovating and experimenting.

My goal is to release a very diverse and extensive art collection for the upcoming N.A.A.N. collections. One of these future plans is to publicize talented artists, who may not have had their breakthrough. Artists I want to work with, who I treat with respect, openness and fairness, allowing us to capture great art in a collection of different artists.

I know better than anyone that it has been a difficult year, especially for those who work in the art space. A year in which we need our local and international communities more than ever, because of the pandemic that is currently turning the world upside down. This is one of the reasons N.A.A.N. wants to ensure that artists around the world have a chance to be a part of the New Age Art Now - Digital art revolution.

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Louis Dubois