Digital Art Collectibles

N.A.A.N. Series

The digital art collectibles of new age art now, take you on a creative journey through the NAAN revolution. Each collectible art series has its own theme in which the entire collection is released. As an art collector, you will therefore have a choice from a very extensive range of artworks. This also applies to future artists who join our project, also their developments and progress in digital creation will be recorded in each new collection. Because NAAN pays out the earnings to his / her artists, they can continue to develop, purchase, materials and new software and thus grow as nft artist.

This means that if one of the artists makes a breakthrough in his journey, you as an art collector can obtain a work of art from the relevant artist at an early stage, from which you will also reap the benefits.

The new age art now art collectible series will only be released in its entirety on Atomic Hub market. 

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About N.A.A.N.

N.A.A.N. Serie 1 – WELCOME

N.A.A.N. Serie 2 – MARKER ART 

N.A.A.N. Serie 3 – 3D Art (next collection)