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3D CubeHeadz | NFT Collectibles (AR)

CubeHeadz are the coolest cube figure NFTs on the Wax & Ethereum blockchain made for Augmented Reality (AR)! 

There will only be 300 unique Cubeheadz in total on the ETH blockchain. The full cubeheadz collection on the WAX blockchain will have 75 mint numbers of each base cubehead and 25 mint numbers of each mythical cubeheadz. Every cubehead serie will release 30 new cube figures, there will be in total 10 cubehead series. This original and unique collection features amazing NFT assets that are specially made for use in Augmented RealityEach cubehead is unique and they all have there own properties such as atributes, material, Ears, eye color, cube color, shapes, sizes and more.


3D CubeHeadz | Serie 1 (GENESIS CUBEZ)
CRATE SALE | April 9th 2021 (series 1/10)


3D CubeHeadz | Serie 2 
CRATE SALE | May 3th 2021 (series 2/10)

Augmented Reality Assets (CubeHeadz)

Pre-sale starts May 3th - 12:00 UTC | On Atomic-Hub

NAAN COLLECTION 4 (CubeHeadz series 2-10) 



On May 3th, 12:00 UTC


During the 24 hours during pre-sale there will be 3 different crates available.
Each crate contains 2 Cubeheadz and 1 raffle ticket, which gives you a chance to win one of the 30 mint #1 NFTs

  • Wooden Crate - 750 available
  • Leather Crate – 750 available
  • Aluminium Crate - 550 available

** Membership - Buy one crate, get one for free!!

The entire serie is pre-minted, so that means you have a chance to get a low mint cube in every crate. Every mint #1 is taken out of the pre-sale crates and will be distributed through a raffle. Directly when the pre-sale is over and all assets are sended out, the raffle will start. For every pre-sale crate you purchase '' as long as they are available '', you will receive a cubehead, a raffle ticket, and a certificate of ownership.

On May 4th, 13:00 UTC


As soon as our pre-sale is over, the pre-minted collectibles will be freestyle-dropped in the following order "Wooden 1st, Leather 2nd, Aluminium 3rd" to all crate owners. Pre-minted collectibles will ensure that everybody has a equel change of getting a low mint cube! All cubes will drop within a few hours after the pre-sale into your WAX inventory.  As soon as all cubeheadz have been dropped, the mint #1 cubeheadz NFT raffle will be live on, in total 30 pre-minted cubeheads #1 will be sended to the lucky raffle winners!

N.A.A.N. Collection 4 - 3D/AR Cubeheadz serie 2/10


At NAAN collection 3 & 4 - 3D CubeHeadz you can collect limited edition AR NFTs of your favorite CubeHeadz, in premium digital format. Watch your collectible in 3D or AugmentedReality! turn it 360 degrees, find hidden objects and more! 

Through, we offer collectors the most revolutionaie digital collectibles experience. We make digital collectibles look just as real as physical collector's items. During the summer of 2021, we're planning to release our own AR supported NFT wallet!




Wooden Crate - Chance of Cubehead #31-40 (9,99$) – 750 crates available|

Leather Crate - Chance of Cubehead #41-50 (12,99$) – 750 crates available

Aluminium Crate - Chance of Cubehead #51-60 (17,99$)  550 crates available





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Crosschain cubeheadz collection - WAX (atomic assets)

The full collection of the 300 cubeheadz will launch on WAX as AR NFT assets

Crosschain cubeheadz collection - ETHEREUM (OpenSea)

The 300 Unique 3D Augmented Reality (AR) cubeheadz launch as 1:1 mint on OPENSEA 

  • Sale location: OPENSEA


N.A.A.N. Collection 3 - 3D/AR Cubeheadz serie 1/10

-       This collections holds a total of 30 unique cubeheadz.
-       26 base cubeheadz
-       4 mysthical cubeheadz – Supply 25 each/MAX
-       total 30 collectibles in each series.
-       total 300 cubeheadz will be released in 10 series.
-       Full collection on Atomic-Hub
-       Unique 1:1 collectibles on OpenSea


#001 Albert Attention

#002 Banana Billy

#003 Chris Cup-Cake

#004 Donny Doodle

#005 Evil Erika

#006 French Fries Franky

#007 George Gasolino

#008 Hanny Horror

#009 Inky Igor

#010 Jimmy corn junky

#011 King cube Kevin

#012 Lazy Lizzy

#013 Mysterious Musty

#014 Nordic Nando

#015 Oliver Oak

#016 Purple Vinyl Phill

#017 Queen cube Quincy

#018 Rusty Rico

#019 Sad Simon

#020 Tube tester tina

#021 Uranium Ursula

#022 Violent Victor

#023 Waxy Wax

#024 Xavi Xenon

#025 Yellow Yoline ice cream

#026 Ziggo Zeppelins



#027 Satoshi Cubezmoto

#028 Louis Lava Dubois

#029 Andy Android

#030 Creapy Corona Cube