Digital Art Collectibles

N.A.A.N. Lottery

The Automatic N.A.A.N. Lottery system!

Besides a great piece of digital art, every art work from our collection has an authentic lot number. Once you own a New Age Art Now piece of art, you automatically own a lifetime lottery number and you will be drawn into the N.A.A.N. lottery, where great works of art and other prizes can be won.

The wallet in which the artwork is located at the time of the lottery is linked to the lottery number of that artwork. If you no longer have the artwork as soon as the winning lottery number is known, the prize will go to the new owner. So make sure you own the artwork until the lottery is over!

EXCEPTION - The lottery numbers are only valid on the artworks that are in a collection and the N.A.A.N. Membership NFT. The founders badge and the airdrops are not included here, and do not count as a lot number for the N.A.A.N. lottery.

The lottery will take place LIVE in the NAAN telegram community chat:

First lottery will start on – June 1st 2021 

How many lotteries are there in a year?

- There are a total of 24 lottery draws in 1 year.

What dates is the lottery held on?

- Every 1st and 15th of the month.

Where can I find my ticket number?

- The first digits of your lot number = Art ID

- The last digit of your lottery number = Mint number

Example: Art ID 008 + # 1 | Lot number: 0081 

Lottery Results:

  • June 1st 
  • June 15th