Digital Art Collectibles

Become a N.A.A.N. Artist.

Would you like to join the N.A.A.N revolution and get added to our platform as a DIGITAL artist?

New Age Art Now is always looking for talented artists that create amazing art. Add your art in our collections and join the naan revolution. This includes: Digital designs, Drawings, real life, fantasy, Paintings, art with pen, charcoal, oil or other materials. Send us your design or designs and together we will ensure that your art reaches the correct audience.


  • We help you building a fanbase
  • We take all technical work out of your hands
  • We help you find partners and collaborations
  • We help you building a brand
  • We help you awnser your questions
  • We help you building a network
  • We cover all costs
  • At NAAN everybody is equal and a winner


Digital art minted on the Blockchain is still in its early days but the possibilities could be endless for artists that establish a digital collectible fanbase!

New Age Art Now (N.A.A.N) handles all the work and expense of turning your art into NFTs (digital art) on the Blockchain. Those costs not only include marketing but also help you building a fanbase, help you establish a name in the NFT space and the costs associated with creating the NFTs and the “gas” costs associated with the creation and storage of the NFTs in the collection.

You will not have the option of selecting Rarity for your art. N.A.A.N. makes these decisions based on our own judgement of what is best for the type of art being sold.

Since our goal is to establish as large of a community of collectors and investors for our artists, the first “Drop” (or minting) of a new artists work is put on sale at attractive pricing. Should an artist work prove to be popular we then scale up the pricing accordingly and in line with demand and growth. 


*Payments are done in WAXP cryptocurrency.

One time payment: Since sales of Digital Art is inherently risky and may not provide a return on investment we offer an option for artists to received a 1 time payment for their sold work as soon the pre-sale is done. In turn, N.A.A.N. is given the right to mint the work on the Blockchain. Should an artists work become extremely successful then the artists has the fully rights to leave NAAN and start his own collections.

Artists must have a WAX cloud wallet. Artists are free to choose the sales price and rarity for their work. N.A.A.N. covers the costs of marketing, minting and “gas” associated with storing in the New Age Art Now Collection. After NAAN completed the artists art pre-sale, 65% of the collected WAX during the sale will be transfered to the artists WAX wallet. 35% will be for the NAAN project.

*N.A.A.N retains %6 of all initial and aftermarket sales or trades for all NFTs.