Digital Art Collectibles

Special Collectibles

The special art collectibles from new age art now consists of unique 1 on 1 NFT mints from the complete NAAN collection. So there is only 1 copy of each nft artwork released by new age art now available on opensea (ETH Network). These special collectibles are not only works of art but can also be 3D visuals and other creations. For example, you can buy a real 3D art collection object, which you can upload and use after purchase in AR (augmented Reality) or even in VR (Virtual Reality)! This offers unique opportunities in the future, think of virtual worlds, galleries and so on ...

The new age art now special collectibles will only be released in 1:1 mints on the OpenSea marketplace.

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About N.A.A.N.

N.A.A.N. Serie 1 – WELCOME

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N.A.A.N. Serie 3 – 3D Art (next collection)